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We are pleased to introduce you to the Attorney Professional Investigation Agency an agency proud of its reputation for extensive services and effective results. We have successfully conducted investigations in some of the largest civil court cases in California. With twenty years experience and over 175 major felony criminal investigations in Los Angeles and Orange COunties. We offer a complete range of investigative services to meet the needs of our clients. Our specialty is locating people any place any time. In addition, our director Bruce Fallon, is a member of the Los Angeles County Court-Appointed Private Investigator Panel.

Our Expertise incoludes both civil and criminal investigative areas, including the following: missing persons, personal injury and insurance cases, homicide, theft, arson, fraud, narcotics, assualt and battery cases. We offer a comprehensive array of investigative services including locating and interviewing witnesses; asset searches; bank searches; crime scene reconstruction; diagrams; background history for both civil and criminal cases; photography, 35mm still camera and video tape. Our office also offers access to our in-house database for Southern California including criminal, civil, fictitious business names, phone reverse directory, and general index.

Our special introductory offer index search cost $10.00 per name, per county, per index.

A.P.I.A offers an extensive range of computer-based search services at special cost levels:

  • Aircraft or Pilot License
  • National Attorney Index
  • Board of Equilization
  • National Change of Address Index
  • Contractors Board Index
  • National Death Records
  • Corporation Information
  • Professional License
    - Business Profiles & Credit Reports
  • Real-estate Records
    - Corporation Affliated with other Companies
  • Social Security Numbers Index
    - Corporation Statement Search
  • Statewide Public Filings
    - Individual Affliations with Corporations
    - City, County, State and Federal Tax Liens
    - National Business Identifier
    - Muni level Judgements
    - Officer Director Search
    - Unlawful Detainer
  • Education Verification
    - Bankruptcies
  • Department of Motor Vehicles Records National
    - Foreclosures
  • Federal Civil Court & Bankruptcy
    - ICC Search, Search
  • Marriage License
  • U.S. Patent / Trademark Index
  • Merchant Vessel Index
  • Voter Registration

Our goal is to server each clien't individual needs with the highest quality investigation and information. Our reputation depends on our client's satisfaction and respect. We will be pleased to discuss any area in which we can be of assistance to you.

Bruce D. Fallon
Director of Investigations