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Orange County

The Southern California Scanner Guide is a comprehensive collection of Police and Fire Frequencies, Maps, and general info for beginning and expert monitors alike. Encompassing all of the Los Angeles and Orange Counties, this page strives to bring you current information for all scanner users in the SoCal area. As of now it is in its infancy, but with your help, it can truly turn out to be a wonderful project indeed.


Once again there have been numerous changes down to this page as you can very well see. Due to the overwhelming amount of mail, I have created a non-javascript main page for those of you who use IE. The url is just . As of right now, most of the fire dept information should be up except for LACoFD. Same with CHP. I'm still working on adding all that info and if I get time it should be up and complete by tuesday. LACoSD freq's and Maps are up, and within the next few days the unit numbering should too. I hope you enjoy the pages, and keep the email coming in! also IE users, let me know how the new page is working out for you ok? (9-21-98)

Hi again, as you can see we have moved this page to a new server since geocities was just getting to ridiculous with their advertisements. The latest changes include updated CTCSS codes for Orange County and Other Cities, New maps for LAPD and Orange County (in part thanks to the LAPD's new site at, and some improvements that many of you asked for. I will be adding the LACoSO freqs this weekend, as well as some links to some good fire frequency pages. If I get a chance, i hope to add some of my brush fire frequencies that came in handy during the recent flareups in the Santiago Canyon. (9-10-98)

Ok, there were a few bugs in the main page, most significant was an errant quotation mark that blanked out everything else. Thankfully all that has been fixed. (I hope). As of right now, the LAPD info is up, the other socal city frequencies are as well, and the Orange County section is finished. What i need is your help with the Los Angeles County Sheriff frequencies. Seems they changed the antelope valley and a few other things in the past two months, and with your help, we can put up an accurate list for everyone. Besides that, look around, have fun, and let me know what you think (7-31-98)

Well, as you can see there is a new look to the page, and with time there shall be updated CTCSS codes for Orange County and Long Beach. Currently I am working on adding the LASO information and the Other cities and hope they will be complete by tonight. (7-29-98)

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Last updated: Sept 21, 1998