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First Number Middle Letter Last Number

The LAPD utilizes a three segment unit identification system that is easy to decipher. The first numbers indicate the area, the letters that follow are the type of unit, and the last numbers designate the individual unit.

First numbers indicate the area:

1+ Central 7+ Wilshire 13+ Newton Street 19+ Mid-Wilshire
2+ Rampart 8+ West L.A. 14+ Pacific 20+ Mid-Valley
3+ Southwest 9+ Van Nuys 15+ N. Hollywood 24+ Central Traffic (CTD)
4+ Hollenbeck 10+ West Valley 16+ Foothill 25+ South Traffic (STD)
5+ Harbor 11+ Northeast 17+ Devonshire 34+ West Traffic (WTD)
6+ Hollywood 12+ 77th Street 18+ Southeast 35+ Valley Traffic (VTD)

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  • Letters Indicate type of unit:

    +A+ Two-officer Patrol +JW+ Female Juvenile Inv +SLO+ Senior Lead Officer
    +B+ Prisoner van +L+ One-officer unit +T+ Accident inv.
    +C+ Bicycle Patrol +M+ Motorcycle Unit +U+ Report-taking unit
    +CRO+ Community Relations +MQ+ DUI task force +UC+ UCLA Police
    +DV+ Domestic Violence +N+ Commision Investigation +V+ Vice Investigation
    +E+ Traffic Enforcement +OP+ Observation Post +VS+ CSU Northridge police
    +F+ Felony investigation +P+ Police Commision +W+ Area detectives
    +FB+ Foot Patrol +Q+ Special events +X+ Extra Patrol
    +J+ Juvenile investigation +R+ Metro +Z+ Special patrol
    +D S.W.A.T teams +CRASH+ Gang Suppression -H Mounted Units
    +TR+ MTA Units

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  • Last numbers designate individual unit:

    Special last numbers:

    +10Watch Commander
    +80Community Relations Officer
    +90Area station Desk
    +100MMotorcycle Supervisor

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