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First Number Last Letter

The LASO utilizes a two segment unit identification system that is easy to decipher. The first numbers indicate the area, the letters that follow are the individual unit. Some special units will have an optional letter designator following the unit number.

First numbers indicate the area:

2+ East Los Angeles 7+ Crescenta Valley 14+ Industry 21+ Century
3+ Lennox 9+ West Hollywood 15+ Pico-Rivera 22+ Lost Hills
4+ Norwalk 10+ Malibu 16+ Carson 27+ Marina Del Rey
5+ Temple City 11+ Lancaster 17+ Lomita 29+ Walnut/San Dimas
6+ Santa Clarita 13+ Lakewood

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  • Optional Letters Indicate type of Special unit:

    +A Extra Unit +G Gang suppression +L Lieutenant +S Sergeant
    +B Bicycle +H Mounted Patrol +M Motorcycle +T Traffic Enforcement
    +C Captain +I Area Commander +P Parking Control +U Utility Vehicle
    +D Station Desk +K9 Dog unit +R Reserve +W Station SEB Uni t

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