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The Southern California Scanner Guide is a comprehensive collection of Police and Fire Frequencies, Maps, and General info for beginning and expert monitors alike. Encompassing all of Los Angeles, Orange County, and the California Dept of Forestry and Fire Protection , this page strives to bring you current information for all scanner users in the SoCal area. As of now it is in its second year, but with your help, it can truly turn out to be a wonderful project indeed.


Update: As of 0200 on 7/19/00 the California Dept of Forestry information is now in its own area. Please see the left title bar under the Fire category for direct access to the CDF area. Hopefully before sunrise, the Other City Police area will be updated and revised. Also the IE area has been disconnected due to the fact IE now allows javascript. I couldn't beleive I actualy had over 3000 hits in that area! (7-19-00)

Ok So I lied! I got swept up in everything else and kind of forgot all about this web page. I hope to rectify that as soon as possible. Right now with fire season looming, I wanted to put these files up for everyone as quickly as I could. These are the Current CDF and RRU frequency load plans. They are in htm format courtesy of Excels htm save function, in XLS form, and in txt form with .'s delimiting the width so that you can easily replace with whatever character you choose and have it import into any database/program you want.

Well its been over a year since I last played with this web page, and due to numerous e-mails and changes in the scanner world, I have decided to finnaly update the page. As of Feb 23. 2000, i have added a few more maps to the Orange County section, and finished the Los Angeles County Sherriff section. I'll work on adding the new Orange County Communications/OCFA info as well later on this week. (2-23-00)

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